Tucson  Trust

Tucson Trust

The Tucson Trust since its early beginnings continues its focus and mission
in the areas of historical-archeological discovery and preservation projects in,
around, near, and at other related project areas beyond Tucson, Arizona.

The trusts long standing philantropic efforts also remain a major role
in its focus to this day quietly and without fanfare making a difference
in the lives of many over the decades since its inception. 

With its future focus while Continuing remembering and preserving the past,
the tucson trusts many projects and efforts have made a bold difference
in the approaches, training, equipment, presevation storage and archiving storage,
gathering, archiving, field discovery and recovery, locating, identifying,
protecting, restoring, and other methods that in the past may have hindered other
like historical preservation, collection, and archeolgical projects. 

Currently efforts include local, regional, and national 
historical efforts encompassing cutting edge technology
now found in simular endeavors around the world.